The most realistic skydive landing simulator ever!  Available on

Oculus and Steam VR

CanopySim is a Virtual Reality Parachute Landing Simulator, the first of its kind to entertain and teach real life canopy techniques for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of skydiving. The simulation is based on real world data and the physics of canopy flight.


About CanopySim

CanopySim is designed with emphasis on beautiful, exotic environments as well as incorporating real world physics of canopy flight.
Our consultants include some of the top canopy flight coaches nationwide as well as engineers from NASA, to bring the most realistic physics of canopy flight into the virtual world.
"I searched for an existing true to life skydiving experience in VR and could not find anything that comes close to the real thing, so I decided to create it" Amir Valinia_Creator of CanopySim


Levels & Objectives

• Jump into a stadium with thousands of screaming fans.
• Fly at night between exotic city buildings.
• Land on an exotic secluded island or by the Statue of Liberty.
• Realistic physics of canopy flight based on real world physics (forward speed, downward speed, turns, drag, flare)

• Realistic environments based on satellite images of actual DropZones to give skydiving students the confidence to locate the drop zone from above*

*Custom version only. Contact us for details. CanopySim is intended for entertainment purposes and is NOT meant as a training tool. Skydiving is a dangerous sport. Please always follow your instructor's 



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